Country Kitchen Curtains That Are So Charming


Country kitchen curtains are always warm and quite vintage, for that there are some ideas for it. First, try the small square curtains with the warm brown reddish. Square motifs are so country because those have simple but classic look which are good to boost country look in your kitchen. Plus the small squares will give crowded and textural look.

Second, country kitchen curtain ideas are also country style with wicker style curtains. When you install wicker curtains for your kitchen, the texture and style are so country because wicker is so textural and unique. Moreover, the color options are various which you can choose based on your likes and tastes, not only the original color of the wicker itself, or when you aim for its original color, it is also fine .

Third, country kitchen curtains can be quite vintage with star motif curtains. Choose the unique blue star motifs with stripes or squares will be good because the motifs are so strong with country look. You even can play with star motifs inside boxes which are also country, overall stars motifs are so perfect for your options when you seek country curtains and the options are so various.


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